Hello friends, our review will be on the internet world of that has been raging for the last few months. Because the aim of the game is to eat and eat small balls from us in the game we are older than we are to feed them so that the moment of hatred as a result of hatred you can find yourself addicted to the game at a time.

The story is hidden in the name of the game. originates from agar material, a jelly-like substance derived from algae used to cultivate bacteria. You’re one-cell bacteria in a petri dish filled with other bacteria. Some bacteria are automatically filled, other bacteria are fed by other players.

In April 2015, first came to life on April 19 by a Brazilian developer, Matheus Valadares. He unveiled the anonymous game at 4chan and finally got the suggestion of an anonymous user to accept as someone else. the obvious names were already taken. A week after the announcement, hit Steam Greenlight and was finally released as a free mobile game that could be played by Miniclip.

There is a small bacterium trying to gain mass to avoid becoming another bacterium lunch. When you collect mass, you grow bigger as you grow; this moves you slower and slower, and eventually you begin to lose mass. After a mass of 35, you can divide your bacteria into 2 cells and have up to 16 cells. As the bulk cells collect mass, they merge again to make a mass.


There are viruses in the Petri dish (map) that break down larger masses of bacteria when they pass. Small bacteria can use the virus to hide from large mass bacteria. Players can use the virus by sending a mass that will allow the virus to multiply and send a copy in the opposite direction of the mass fed into it.


As players spend more time and eat better, they accumulate money and experience that can be used to reach higher levels. For higher levels of bacteria, various skins are opened and you can buy skins with the collected coins.

For those who are willing to throw money to win, there are in-app purchases for more money, skins, initial mass and XP boosts. Coins are purchased with real money and are in the range of 1,200 to 1,200 to $ 1,00 to $ 99,000. The leathers are purchased only with coins and have various faces, planets, animals, hot dogs and various color images.

The double starting mass runs at 290 coins per hour and 790 coins for 24 hours. The triple initial mass is 490 for 1 hour and 990 for 24 hours. A double XP increase is 290 coins for 1 hour and 790 coins for 24 hours, while a triple XP can set 490 coins for 1 hour and 990 coins for 24 hours. Coins can be won for free, by collecting 20 hours per hour and also by monitoring ads and downloading other sponsored applications.


When we open the game we are familiar with the screen of the PC, but some of the features are cropped in one of these features such as server selection. At the bottom left, there is an icon representing the settings, let’s see it.

The only thing that will benefit us is to set the buttons in the game in the most comfortable way to ourselves. Of course, this is not as easy as the small pitfalls in the game, for example, if you feed the green ball you see in the picture above, you can turn your opponents into 15-20 pieces at a time. I strongly recommend the game for sure,because it is a perfect reason to spend your spare time.


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